The main purpose of this blog site is to keep my tech notes so I can have ready access to them. The second purpose is to contribute what I can back to the net community. I am a self-learned computer enthusiast,  a part-time blogger I love sharing my knowledge with others. Hopefully you find this blog helpful and if you have any questions drop a comment and I will try and answer.,

I have around 11 years of experience in IT industry worked with MNC enterprise environments and competent work experience in multiple domains (IT / BANKING / TELECOM / MANUFACTURING / RETAIL )which includes ITIL/ITSM concepts, Lead Experience, People Management and technology areas like Web Servers, Application Servers, Operating Systems,Application Software’s, Databases, Hardware Servers, Client Tools and Networking related fields. Unix Admin, Cloud Evangelist and a Virtualization lover.

Computer Skills:

MCSA 2012
IT Infrastructure Library, (ITIL Certified Engineer)
HP UNIX Certified Engineer
RHCE 5 6



  • DNS Servers -Bind and DJBDNS on Red Hat Linux and Bind on Windows, used for mapping Internet zones for multiple websites. Infoblox managing and administration.
  • Platforms: Windows Platforms: Windows X.P/2003,2008,Windows7,UNIX (SunOS, AIX ), Linux (RHEL, Mandrake, Debian ,Suse, Centos)
  • Networking: TCP/IP, DNS, HTTP, LDAP, SQL, SMTP, VPN, SSH, SSL, Ethernet, DHCP, Firewalls, DMZ, Load Balancers, MS Clusters, Web Services, .NET, F5 (BIG IP)
  • FTP Servers   -Vsftp Proftp on Red Hat Linux and Ftp on windows supported with IIS
  • Web Servers –IIS 6&7, Iplanet 5 & 6 , Apache, IBM HTTP server 6 & 7,Oracle web Server
  • Application server: Weblogic 9,10,11, IBM Web sphere 7&8, Jboss (5,67), Tomcat 6 & 7
  • Mail Servers – Send mail, postfix, Qmail on Red Hat Linux and Exchange 2003 and 2007
  • Fire Walls – Sonic Fire walls, Frigate, check point  Iptables on Red hat Linux
  • VPN  – IPSEC, openvpn and PPTP based VPN’s on Red Hat Linux and Windows
  • Databases – MSSQL, MySQL, Sybase
  • Proxy Servers –Squid, Isa proxy, bluecoat, Wingate
  • Office – Open Office, Star Office, MS Office
  • Security – SSH, SSL, IPchains, Iptables, TCP Wrappers, Tripwire, port scanners, password crackers, nessus,backtrack
  • Back up – netback up , tar, Amanda, IBM Tivoli storage manager
  • Domain Controllers – Samba and Ldap on Linux and Active Directory on windows 2003/2008 server
  • DHCP server – Dhcp server on Red Hat Linux and Windows
  • Virtualization: vSphere 4 5 (ESX / ESXi), Xen, KVM, Virtual Box
  • System and Network Monitoring – Nagios, Ntop, Opennms, Mrtg, Site Scope, netcool, Genos
  • Admin Tools – vmstat, iostat, top, traceroute, ping, sar, ntop, Sysinternals Utilities
  • Content Mangement : Team site 6 & 5,  Opendeploy 6, Scmdeploy
  • Ldap servers : Sunone Ldap server, Open Ldap , Redhat Directoy Server


Implementing following Services
a) Mail Server Solutions
b) Web server Solutions
c) Open source Crm Solutions
d) Voip Solutions
e) Collaborative Solution
f) Cluster Solutions
g) Server Security Solutions
h) Virtualization
i) Proxy Solutions
j) Network Management

Management / Team leadership

Experience leading sysadmin teams, managing staff KPIs and continuous improvement
Experience writing and implementing IT Operations policies, SLAs, technical Tender responses and I.T strategies for several businesses
Designing, implementing and maintaining I.T budgets

Disaster recovery and security auditing

Experience implementing Disaster recovery / Backup procedures and strategies
Experience Security policies and achieveing PCI-DSS compliance
Security auditing of servers (with report)
Authorised penetration testing of infrastructure

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