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install wildfly 10 on centos 7

Introduction WildFly formerly known as JBoss web and application server is an open source high performance web application server written in Java.

It is specially designed for high throughput and is able to handle millions of connections. WildFly is a simple, flexible, lightweight, managed application runtime that can help you build amazing applications easily. WildFly’s […]

Wildfly 8.2 Installation on Centos 6.7 x86_64


Centos – 6.7 ( WildFly – 8.2 ( jdk 8 ( Before Install: # sed -i.bkp -e “s/SELINUX=enforcing/SELINUX=disabled/g” /etc/selinux/config # sed -i.bkp -e “s/timeout=5/timeout=0/g” /boot/grub/grub.conf # service iptables stop # chkconfig iptables off # reboot JDK8 Installation

Add User and Groups $ groupadd -g 1001 wildfly_admins $ useradd \ -g wildfly_admins \ -d […]

Jboss 6




Clustering on Apache/Tomcat using Jakarta mod_jk

Clustering Tomcat Servlet Engines is interesting for two reasons: load balancing and failover.


Fail-over is probably the most important issue for web applications. If the front end load balancer detects that one of the nodes has gone down it will redirect all the traffic to the second instance and your clients, apart from any […]

JBOSS Admin-JBOSS Application Server


Jboss is a free, Open source application server that implements complete J2EE suite including JsP,Servlet and EJB.

Jboss is a free Open source application server which provides runtime environment for J2EE applications.


1.Open source, Zero cost product license to download and use. 2.Enterprise class library,Performance,scalability and High availability. […]

JMAP, HISTO, Thread Dump, CPU Utilization

Dear Reader,

In a production environment Java Profiling is not an option, we have seen multiple times that our CPU has reached almost 100% or even 300% sometime. That is really a panic scenario especially when you are handling production environment or at client place to check what went wrong.

Fortunately, Java comes with some […]

Red Hat web server configuration for Mod_jk

Red Hat web server  configuration for Mod_jk    In order to start the  EWS for Mod_jk  Step 1:   First extract the Zip file go to  the folder C:\RHATews-1.0.2-windows32-i386\Red            Hat\Enterprise Web Server\etc\httpd\conf   Step 2 :  Rename the File to httpd.conf   Step 3  : Change the Default Listen  Listen to Listen *:80 […]

Jboss clustering config http services

16.5. HTTP ServicesHTTP session replication is used to replicate the state associated with your web clients on other nodes of a cluster. Thus, in the event one of your node crashes, another node in the cluster will be able to recover. Two distinct functions must be performed:

Session state replication

Load-balance of incoming invocations

State […]

Crazy way to do JBOSS and Tomcat Loadbalancing :)

Crazy way to do JBOSS and Tomcat Loadbalancing

Mod clusteris an http based load balancer which greatly simplify the setup of an http cluster. It ships as a set of modules which need to be installed on the httpd server and a Service Archive Library (.sar) which needs to be deployed on JBoss AS (It is […]

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