Proxy server with Squid, Dansguardian on CentOS and CBQ

The advantages of using a proxy server within a company, or even a small network are endless, ranging from bandwidth savings, using the cache to a decent content filter. In this tutorial I will show how to configure a proxy using CentOS. Resources used Hardware In our specific case, I was fortunate to have a […]

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How to install squid proxy on centos 6 Squid is a proxy server for caching and filtering web content . Squid proxy is used by various organisation and internet providers to reduce bandwidth and to increase response time . Squid proxy service will cache the requested web-content and re-using it for the further request of […]

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Configure Squid with Dansguardian

Scenario-: 1. Configure squid Server 2. Configure Dan guardian 3. Configure Iptables 4. Configure Proxy server as a router.Our purpose of proxy server is to sharing internet connection for web browsing performance & configures Dan guardian for content and site blocking.A. Allow Internal to all user with restricted web site and content. B. Allow limited […]

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