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OpenLDAP dual main structures

OpenLDAP dual main structures

LDAP as a more critical service, a single point is certainly a problem, in addition to the general master and slave, the better choice is the double main, that is, there are two ldap server, and real-time synchronization, and then in front of the load balancing call. One of which hung […]

Samba in CentOS 6.8 as Secondary DC with Microsoft Active Directory 2012R2

1 . It’s necessary to manually lower the domain and forest functional levels on the Windows 2012 server first, via Powershell: Set-ADForestMode -Identity “mydom.local” -ForestMode Windows2008R2Forest Set-ADDomainMode -Identity “mydom.local” -DomainMode Windows2008R2Domain 2. Need a fresh installed minimal CentOS 6.x OS . Disable SELinux and firewall . Update software packages . Please check above notes […]

Freeipa Centos 6.7

FreeIPA is a solution for managing users, groups, hosts, services, and much, much more. It uses open source solutions with some Python glue to make things work. Identity Management made easy for the Linux administrator. FreeIPA is an open source alternative to Microsoft Directory Server. It provides the following functionality:

Centralised LDAP based authorisation Kerberos […]

Setting LDAP parameters for Microsoft Active Directory

Define configuration parameters for Microsoft Active Directory to provide extra security options for your environment.

Before you begin

Before setting configuration parameters, perform authentication tests to confirm that user, group, and membership search filters work properly. For more information, see the Related tasks section.

You must be assigned the Security administration role with permission […]