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CentOS Minimal Install

CentOS 6

In this section, the GNOME desktop will be added to a new server running CentOS 6.2 (x86_64) after performing a “Minimal” install.

Install Desktop Packages # yum -y groupinstall “Desktop” “Desktop Platform” “X Window System” “Fonts”

You can also install the following optional GUI packages.

# yum -y groupinstall “Graphical Administration Tools” # […]

Errors SQL22212N or DBA1177N with DB2 Control Center

Technote (troubleshooting) Problem(Abstract)

DBA1177N and SQL22212N occur when attempting to connect to an instance from the DB2 Control Center


The DBA1177N message will appear under one of the following conditions:

1. The Tools Catalog Database has not been created.2. The DAS configuration parameters have not been updated.3. The connection failed (SQL22212N) to the Tools […]

DB2 Commands

Start an instance

As an instance owner on the host running db2, issue the following command

$ db2start

Stopping the instance

$ db2stop

Connect to the database as instance owner

$ db2

as a user of the database:

$source ~instance/sqllib/db2cshrc (csh users)

$ . ~instance/sqllib/db2profile (sh users)

$ db2 connect to databasename


ssh fash login trick

Edit /etc/ssh/sshd_config and add the following line:

UseDNS no 😎 it will be faster compare to before.

Install the (ModSecurity) centos fedora redhat

Install the (ModSecurity)

cd /usr/local/src/


tar -zxvf modsecurity-apache_2.7.2.tar.gz

cd  modsecurity-apache_2.7.2


configure: *** pcre library not found.configure: error: pcre library is required


yum -y update pcre

additional package dependencies.yum -y install  pcre-develyum -y install  libxml2yum -y install  libxml2-devel

mod_unique_id need to use mod_security

cd /software/httpd-2.24/modules/metadata

/Usr/local/apache2/bin/apxs -cia Mod_unique_id.C

cd /software/httpd-2.24/Srclib/apr./configuremakemake install

cd […]


I need to use Java 1.7 So I downloaded jdk-7u17-linux-x64.rpm

when I try to install it, I get the following error.

Unpacking JAR files… rt.jar… Error: Could not open input file: /usr/java/jre1.7.0_17/lib/rt.pack jsse.jar… Error: Could not open input file: /usr/java/jre1.7.0_17/lib/jsse.pack charsets.jar… Error: Could not open input file: /usr/java/jre1.7.0_17/lib/charsets.pack localedata.jar… Error: Could not open […]

certificate is signed using a weak signature algorithm!

certificate is signed using a weak signature algorithm!

Turns out that this results in SSL certificates that use the weaker MD5 signature hash algorithm which is the cause of the complaint. This is easily fixed by adding ‘-sha1’ to the openssl command line when generating the certificate. Like so:

$ openssl req -new -x509 -sha1 […]

Tomcat stop start script for redhat

#Startup script for Tomcat JAVA_HOME=/usr/java/jdk1.6.0_43 export JAVA_HOME start_tomcat=/opt/tomcat6/bin/ stop_tomcat=/opt/tomcat6/bin/

start() { echo -n “Starting tomcat:” su -c ${start_tomcat} – tomcat echo “done.” } stop() { echo -n “Shutting down tomcat: “ ${stop_tomcat} echo “done.” }

# See how we were called case “$1” in start) start ;; stop) stop ;; restart) stop sleep 10 start […]