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HylaFAX with AvantFAX in CentOS 7

hylafax with avantfax installation on CentOS 7  .

With out any talk , lets start…..

Install needed packages ,

# yum install epel-release -y

# yum update -y

# yum groupinstall “development tools” -y

# yum install hylafax wget -y

Download AvantFax from there web site . AvantFax is using for Fax web GUI .


Asterisk 13 video call configuration on CentOS 7

Asterisk 13 video call configuration on CentOS 7 Now we can configure video calling through asterisk . This is simple and easy . # vi /etc/asterisk/sip.conf [general] videosupport=yes And add below configuration under your context area . My context is [LocalExt] . [LocalExt] disallow=all allow=ulaw allow=alow allow=h263 allow=h264 allow=h263p Save the file and reload asterisk […]