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Geotrust Deploy wildcard certificate on Zimbra

Deploy wildcard certificate on Zimbra

Download the root ca cert and save mainca.crt

Download the intermediate.crt  and save intermediate.crt

cat intermediate.crt mainca.crt > rootEN.crt

/opt/zimbra/openssl/bin/openssl verify -purpose sslserver -CAfile rootEN.crt OK

-bash-4.1# /opt/zimbra/bin/zmcertmgr verifycrt comm rootEN.crt ** Verifying against Certificate ( and private key ( match. Valid Certificate: […]


What is rsync?

Rsync is a program for synchronizing two directory trees across different file systems even if they are on different computers. It can run its host to host communications over ssh to keep things secure and to provide key based authentication. If a file is already present in the target and is the […]