Cluster Admin: Interview Question

Cluster Admin: Interview Question Cluster Administration 1 What is a Cluster A cluster is two or more computers (called as nodes or members) that works together to perform a taks. 2 What are the types of cluster Storage High Availability Load Balancing High Performance 3 What is CMAN CMAN is Cluster Manager. It manages cluster […]

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RedHat Cluster howto

Introduction Here I wrote up a little tutorial how to configure a standard RHEL cluster. Configuring a RHEL cluster is quite easy but documentation is sparse and not well organized. We will configure a 4 nodes cluster with shared storage and Heatbeat over a different NIC (not the main data link). Cluster configuration goals Shared […]

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RHCS(Red Hat Cluster Suite) quorum disk

Methods to deal with split-brain situation: 1. Redundant heartbeat path network port communication plus serial port communication 2. I/O fencing Remaining nodes separate failed node from its storage either by shutdown/reboot power port or storage port 3. Quorum disk Quorum disk is a kind of I/O fencing, but the reboot action is executed by failed […]

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