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Suryan – Suriyanar Koil

Location and Place Sooriyanar Temple is in East of Kumbakonam, Kumbakonam – Mayiladuthurai road. It is exactly 2Km to the north of Aduthurai and the temple is well connected from lower Anicut and Thiruppanandal. All the Passengers have to alight at Thirumangalagudi Kaliamman Koil bus stop and walk for two for long north east to […]

baby names

Baby Names

No Samskritam, Telugu, Kannada, Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi Tamil Malayalam First Letter of Baby’s Name 1 Aswini ??????? ??????? Aswini ??????? Aswathi Chu, Che, Cho, La ??, ??, ??, ?? 2 Bharani ???? ???? Bharani ???? Bharani Lee, Lu, Le, Lo ??, ??, ??, ?? 3 Krithika ????????????? Karthigai ?????????? Kaarthika A, […]

Navagraha Temples in Tamil Nadu


Navagraha Temples in Tamil Nadu are a congregation of nine temples dedicated to Navagrahas – the nine celestial planets according to Hindu astronomy.

The ancient temples date back to the Chola dynasty near Kumbakonam and are among the best temples in Tamil Nadu.In this blog we take you through the journey of Navagraha […]

Approximate distances to navagraha temples from Kumbakonam

Approximate distances to navagraha temples from Kumbakonam

Suriyan Kumbakonam to Suriyanar Koil – 15 Km

Chandran Kumbakonam to Thingalloor – 30Km

Chevvai Kumbakonam to Vaitheswaran Kovil – 49Km

Bhudhan Kumbakonam to Thiruvenkadu – 60Km

Guru Kumbakonam to Alangudi – 17Km

Sukkiran Kumbakonam to Kanchanoor – 20Km

Sani Kumbakonam to Thirunallaru – 48Km

Ragu Kumbakonam to […]

Kedhu Baghawan – Keelaperumpallam

Thalaviruthcam – Bambo History: Keezhaperumpallam is one of the nine Navagraha sthalas located in the Cauvery Delta region dedicated to shadow planet Ketu.Both the Devas and Asuras wanted to get Amirtham from the Pargadal(Milk Ocean).Thirumal as in the shape of Mohini was distributing Amirtham to the Devas. At that time Swarvabanu took divine shape […]


Arulmigu Girigujambika Sametha (Udanurai) Naganatha Swamy Temple Thirunageshwaram (Raaghu Kshetra) Raghu(North Lunar Node)

Main Deity – Naganathaswamy Goddess- Girigujambika, Pirayaniamman Theertham – Sula theertham(Suriya pushkarini) History: Thirunageshwaram is one of the 127 temples on the southern banks of river Cauvery. It is one of the Panchakrosa Sthalas.The presiding Deity is Arulmigu Giri Gujambika Sametha […]

Saneeswara Baghawan (SATURN) : Thirunallar

Main Deity – Nallarar Goddess – Bogamartha Poonmulayal HolyTheertham – Nala Theertham Sthala Vriksham – Darba History: Thirunallar is famous for Lord Saneeshwara’s (Saturn) temple.The Thirunallar temple is a Shiva Temple (Lord Shiva is known as Dharbaranyeshwarar here) but the main glory of the temple is Lord Shaniswara. The only temple where Lord Saneeshwara […]

Sukran Baghawan (Venus) – Kanjanur


Main Deity – Agneeswarar Goddess – Karpagambal Sthala Vriksham – Purasamaram Theertham – Agnitheertham History: Kanjanur is the sthalam for Sukran. Agni is said to have worshipped Lord Shiva here and hence the name Agneeswarar.As per the Temple story (Sthala Purana), Lord Brahma was blessed with a vision of Shiva’s marriage with Parvathy here. […]

Guru Baghawan (JUPITER) – Alangudi

Main Deity – Aabathsahayeswarar Holly Theertham – Amritapushkaraini Sthala Vriksham – Poolai Shrub History: The temple is one of the nine Navagraha sthalas(Temples of Nine planets) located in the Cauvery Delta region dedicated to planet Jupiter, called Dakshinamoorthy,the Guru.Lord Guru can be propitiated in the form of Sri Dakshinamurthy.Legend is that Siva consumed deadly […]

Budhan Baghawan( MERCURY) -Thiruvengadu

Main Deity -Swetaranyeswarar Goddess – Bhrama vidya Nayaki Holy tree – Alamaram Theertham – Surya theertham,Agni,Chandra,theertham History: Sri Swetaranyeswarar is Shiva as Bhuda or Mercury. It is one of the Navagraha Sthalas. The Lord Bhuda faces North East direction.Among nine planets Budhan is said to bestow wisdom and intellect. Budha or Mercury is considered […]