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Snapshot database in SQL Server

What is a database snapshot ?

Database snapshots are an Enterprise only feature which was introduced  in SQL Server 2005.A database snapshot is a view of what the source database looked like at the time when the snapshot was created.

How does a snapshot work:-

a. When you create a snapshot a sparse file is […]

Reset SA Password in Sql Server 2012

Step 1:- Change SQL SA password from a command prompt

Go to the command prompt of the server and type in command prompt osql –L C:\Users\Administrator>osql -L

Servers: localhost

Step 2:- Copy full name of SQL Server and type: OSQL -S <insert_servername_here> -E C:\Users\Administrator>osql -S localhost -E

Step 3:- Execute the following query: sp_password […]

Enable remote connections for SQL Server Express 2012

On my installation of SQL Server 2012 Developer Edition, installed with default settings, I just had to load the SQL Server Configuration Manager -> SQL Server Network Configuration -> Protocols for MSSQLSERVER and change TCP/IP from Disabled to Enabled.


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Well, glad I asked. The solution I finally discovered was here:

How do […]

TCP IP Port in SQL Server 2012 and Firewall

TCP IP Port in SQL Server 2012

As an SQL Server Administrator you might need to find SQL Server TCP IP port configured for your SQL Server Instance. There are many reason to find it but most famous reasons is to give access to developer and set firewall exception if there is any. Generally 1433 […]