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Openstack log files

OpenStack log files contains different structures and distributed across multiple folders which make a real challenge to provide real proactive insights on your deployment. Loom Cloud Intelligence can simply save your time and make sense of your Openstack deployment on going issues. Most services use the convention of writing their log files to subdirectories of […]

OpenStack Cheat Sheet 2017

OpenStack different services have very powerful command line interfaces, with lots of different options.

Here is quick reference of the most used command-line commands:


You will probably want to know what is the name of your openstack deployment? Aka Queens, Pines, Ocata, Newton but also to Mitaka, Liberty, Kilo & Juno. Which OpenStack […]

CentOS 7.2 Installation Deployment OpenStack Tutorial

CentOS 7.2 Installation Deployment OpenStack Tutorial

Environmental preparation


Share CentOS 7.2 installation deployment OpenStack tutorial, we want to help.

1, the system environment

# Uname -r


# Cat / etc / RedHat -release

CentOS Linux release 7.2.1511 (Core)

2, the server deployment


CPU name




Control node

M: 4G; […]

The keystone CLI is deprecated in favor of python-openstackclient.

The keystone CLI is deprecated in favor of python-openstackclient.

UPDATE: It turns out that installing the new client can cause issues with Keystone. I found this out the hard way yesterday when it failed during a demo, preventing authentication from the command line. After a few hours troubleshooting it turns out Apache (httpd.service) and Keystone […]


PaaS, OpenStack, & cloud adoption 



IT Challenges 

Major issues with traditional infrastructure

Our data is too large • Volumes of data are being generated at unprecedented levels • Most of this data is unstructured • Service requests are too large • More and more devices are coming online • Tablets, phones, […]

OpenStack Grizzly Architecture

As OpenStack has continued to mature, it has become more complicated in some ways but radically simplified in others. From a deployers view, each service has become easier to deploy with more sensible defaults and the proliferations of cloud distributions. However, the architects view of OpenStack has actually gotten more complicated – new services have […]