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SSL0208E IKEYMAN VeriSign error

SSL0208E IKEYMAN VeriSign error // // // // // //

SSL0208E IKEYMAN VeriSign error


SSL0208E IKEYMAN VeriSign error | v.yeung// // // // // // // //

Upon installing the certificates received back from VeriSign, the following error may be shown in the error_log when trying to access the site via https:

[Tue Jun […]

How to install an SSL certificate on IHS (IBM HTTP Server)

// =b&&(}if(a){var d=window.jstiming.load;0=b&&(d.tick(“_wtsrt”,void 0,b),d.tick(“wtsrt_”, “_wtsrt”,e),d.tick(“tbsd_”,”wtsrt_”))}try{a=null,,d&&0 How to install an SSL certificate on IHS (IBM HTTP Server)// //

How to install an SSL certificate on IHS (IBM HTTP Server) I’m going to explain how to install an SSL certificate on IHS (IBM HTTP Server).

I have received this request yesterday and today I have struggled […]

Calculating percentages in bash

Calculating percentages in bash Dividing in bash will cause problems if the result is below zero. This is a problem when you’re trying to work out percentages. For example, if you simply want to divide 1 by 2 the result should be 0.5. However, bash returns the result 0:

user@computer:~> echo $(( 1 / 2 […]

IP address with ifconfig and sed

Well, my new favorite approach is to pipe ifconfig into a single sed command 🙂

ifconfig | sed -n -e ‘s/:127\.0\.0\.1 //g’ -e ‘s/ *inet addr:\([0-9.]\+\).*/\1/gp’


So, how does it work? Well, there are two filters (aka scripts, ie the parameters after the -e flags). The first one, s/:127\.0\.0\.1 //g’, simply strips out all […]

Yum to configure multiple master cluster MariaDB Galera

Yum to configure multiple master cluster MariaDB Galera Hereinafter, if the command is not preceded by PS1 is to represent the three nodes are required to perform the same action, if it means the implementation of the action on the specified node       Centos6.7    MariaDB       Centos6.7    MariaDB       Centos6.7    MariaDB


CentOS – ssh-copy-id: command not found

CentOS – ssh-copy-id: command not found  yum -y install openssh-clients

multi-master MariaDB Galera Cluster

CentOS 6.7 Linux compilation configure a multi-master MariaDB Galera Cluster for HA.

Multi-master MariaDB Galera Cluster

Summary Galera is essentially a wsrep provider (provider), relies on the wsrep API interface. Wsrep API defines a set of applications and replication callback call library to implement transaction database synchronization write set (writeset) replication, and similar applications. The […]

Installing Exchange Server 2016

The following section describes a step-by-step guide for the installation of Microsoft® Exchange Server 2016. The installation considers a single server deployment of Exchange Server 2016 with the Mailbox role. Additional details of the topology and architecture of the lab environment which was used in the installation is described here;


1. Operating System Support […]

Adding Windows Server 2012 DC in an existing Windows Server 2012

Adding Windows Server 2012 DC in an existing Windows Server 2012

As part of the series of Windows Server 2012 deployment, I will be showing us how to promote a Windows Server 2012 member server into a domain controller in an existing Windows Server 2012 R2 domain. Lets begin the journey 🙂 Exciting.


– Ensure […]

Install 2012 r2 domain controller

Install 2012 r2 domain controller # # Windows PowerShell script for AD DS Deployment #

Import-Module ADDSDeployment Install-ADDSForest ` -CreateDnsDelegation:$false ` -DatabasePath “C:\Windows\NTDS” ` -DomainMode “Win2012R2” ` -DomainName “” ` -DomainNetbiosName “RMOHAN” ` -ForestMode “Win2012R2” ` -InstallDns:$true ` -LogPath “C:\Windows\NTDS” ` -NoRebootOnCompletion:$false ` -SysvolPath “C:\Windows\SYSVOL” ` -Force:$true


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