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ActiveMQ standalone installation and use tutorial

ActiveMQ standalone installation and use tutorial

First of all, simply introduce the MQ, MQ English name MessageQueue, Chinese name is that we use the message queue, why use it, that white is a message to accept and forward the container can be used for message push.

ActiveMQ is produced by Apache, one of the most […]

DLQ handler rules MQ

The DLQ handler rules table The DLQ handler rules table defines how the DLQ handler is to process messages that arrive on the DLQ. There are two types of entry in a rules table: ?The first entry in the table, which is optional, contains control data. ?All other entries in the table are rules for […]

WebSphere MQ: Starting / stopping tracing – strmqtrc, endmqtrc

WebSphere MQ: Starting / stopping tracing – strmqtrc, endmqtrc

Use the WebSphere MQ strmqtrc and endmqtrc commands to check the trace file acquisition operation. In addition, the previous article is here. References are listed at the end of the article.

Start MQ trace

Start with the strmqtrc command. (Specify target queue manager with option -m)


Dead-letter queues

Dead-letter queues A dead-letter (undelivered-message) queue is a queue that stores messages that cannot be routed to their correct destinations. This occurs when, for example, the destination queue is full. The supplied dead-letter queue is called SYSTEM.DEAD.LETTER.QUEUE. For distributed queuing, define a dead-letter queue on each queue manager involved.

It is defined on the queue […]

Verify queue deletion operation in WebSphere MQ.

Delete local queue – DELETE command

Delete the local queue QL.A on the runmqsc command interface (error case).

Delete ql (QL.A) 1: delete ql (QL.A) AMQ 8143: WebSphere MQ queue not empty.

In the case of Delete ql (QL.A) 1: delete ql (QL.A) AMQ 8143: WebSphere MQ queue not empty.

Message that QL.A has a […]

IPPROCS or OPPROCS greater than 0 in a queue prevents normal termination of queue manager by “endmqm QmgrName” (Need to use: endmqm -i QmgrName)


You notice that when the WebSphere MQ (WMQ) queue attributes of IPPROCS or OPPROCS are greater than 0, and try to end the queue manager by issuing “endmqm QmgrName”, then the queue manager goes into “quiescing” but it does not fully terminate.

Is there a way to speed up the shutdown of the […]

MQ 8 on CENTOS 6.8

MQ 8 on CENTOS 6.8

WebSphere MQ installation and validation

WebSphere MQ installation and validation ready 1 Check the installation hardware and software requirements 2 Installation Notes Single server installs MQ and authentication 1 Create a user and user group Optional step 2 Extract the downloaded MQ installation package 3 Check if the rpm package […]

MQ messaging

This example is a simple demonstration for understanding how MQ transfer messages between two queue managers and the minimum required MQ components for the same. Kindly Share/Like/Follow the page if you like this article.

Below are the steps involved in this example.Source queue manager —————————— 1.) Create source queue manager. 2.) Start source queue manager. […]

AMQ7017 queue manager log not available or corrupted

Problem Your queue manager fails to start with the following error :

AMQ7017 Log not available Cause The qm.ini files had been altered and the LogPath entries were removed.

After making the change to qm.ini LogPath, the queue manager failed to start because S0000001.log was not available. The log file was present and the […]

DRBD setup on Centos 6.7

CentOS 6.7 DRBD installation and configuration notes

DRDB or Distributed Replicated Block Device is nice for HA situations of distributed block devices. This can be used for NAS, SAN, and a number of other use cases.


Primary: (

Secondary: ( Requirements

– Two disks […]

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