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script start, stop, backup and restore your WebSphere environment

#!/bin/ksh # # Set you environment here [ACC,FOP,PRD] ENV=FOP # Set your company name here COMP=WARMETAL # # APP_HOME setting APP_HOME=/opt/sft/${COMP}-${ENV} # Change here the WAS userid, WAS group and sid if necessary WAS_USER=wasuser WAS_GROUP=wasgroup WAS_PROCESSES=”dmgr nodeagent Front_Server Security_Server APP_Server JMS_Server” WAS_CELL=”${COMP}-${ENV}.cell” WAS_NODE_EB=”${COMP}-${ENV}.AppSrv.node” WAS_NODE_FE=”${COMP}-${ENV}.AppSrv.node” # Change the location of the directory in this variable of […]

WebSphere Console LDAP Authentication

WebSphere Console LDAP Authentication

This is an howto on how to get the WebSphere Integrated Solutions Console to authenticate administrators through LDAP, in our case Microsoft’s Active Directory 2008. This is installed with Windows Server 2008 and Active Directory.


By default, when WebSphere gets installed everybody can access the WebSphere portal because there is […]

Setting LDAP parameters for Microsoft Active Directory

Define configuration parameters for Microsoft Active Directory to provide extra security options for your environment.

Before you begin

Before setting configuration parameters, perform authentication tests to confirm that user, group, and membership search filters work properly. For more information, see the Related tasks section.

You must be assigned the Security administration role with permission […]

How to disable WebSphere Global Security for one Application Server in a secure cell


In a WebSphere Application Server cell where Global Security is enabled, you may want to disable security for individual application servers, for example, when you run some applications that can be accessed anonymously, while others require authentication.

This can be done either from the Application Server Administrative Console or using wsadmin.

Resolving the problem […]

Using wsadmin to enable an LDAP Federated Repository in WebSphere Application Server 8.5

Using wsadmin to enable an LDAP Federated Repository in WebSphere Application Server 8.5

This article is somewhat of an aide memoire for me, allow me to remember how to enable WebSphere Application Server to talk to an LDAP server, without needing to use a GUI 🙂

  I pulled this together using my own WAS 8.5 […]

Failed in r_gsk_secure_soc_init: GSK_ERROR_BAD_CERT(gsk rc = 414)


The cause of this problem is that the plug-in keystore does not have the correct SSL signer certificate to match with the SSL personal certificate from the WebSphere Application Server node. Environment Note, this technote applies to WebSphere Application Server V7.0 (and later). If you are having the “GSK_ERROR_BAD_CERT” with a previous version of […]

Determining if ip address is already in use for device eth0. how to fix the issue RHEL FEDORA CENTOS

[ OK ] [root@cluster3 ~]# /etc/init.d/network restart Shutting down interface eth0: [ OK ] Shutting down loopback interface: [ OK ] Bringing up loopback interface: [ OK ] Bringing up interface eth0: Determining if ip address is already in use for device eth0… [ OK ] [root@cluster3 ~]# ifconfig eth0 Link encap:Ethernet HWaddr […]

WebSphere JVM memory

the WAS started to load very slow and keep hanging for whatever actions selected, end with a “java.lang.OutOfMemoryError” error message in the WebSphere’s log file.

The default WebSphere’s Java Virtual Machine memory is not enough; you should adjust more memory to your WebSphere Application Server. See following guide to increase WebSphere’s JVM memory.

1. In […]


tar zxvf stress-1.0.4.tar.gz

cd stress-1.0.4

./configure make && make install

stress -m 512M

To start stress run stress followed by the -c flag for load stress, -m for memory stress, -i for io and -d for HDD. For example to stress cpu execute


stress […]

Cloud Service Model

IaaS, PaaS and SaaS are cloud computing service models.

IaaS(Infrastructure as a service), as the name suggests, provides you the computing infrastructure, physical or (quite often) virtual machines and other resources like virtual-machine disk image library, block and file-based storage, firewalls, load balancers, IP addresses, virtual local area networks etc. Examples : Amazon EC2, Windows […]