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DRBD setup on Centos 6.7

CentOS 6.7 DRBD installation and configuration notes

DRDB or Distributed Replicated Block Device is nice for HA situations of distributed block devices. This can be used for NAS, SAN, and a number of other use cases.


Primary: (

Secondary: ( Requirements

– Two disks […]

Solaris Security Tips


Enable the Basic Security Module (BSM): /etc/security/bsmconv Configure the classes of events to log in /etc/security/audit_control: dir:/var/audit flags:lo,ad,pc,fc,fd,fm naflags:lo,ad # # lo – login/logout events # ad – administrative actions: mount, exportfs, etc. # pc – process operations: fork, exec, exit, etc. # fc – file creation # fd – file deletion # fm […]

Solaris system information

Solaris system information 1. Solaris physical memory usage

Script to get free/unused memory on Solaris can be found with command vmstat. Without options, vmstat displays a one-line summary of the virtual memory activity since the system was booted. Tested on Solaris 5.8, 5.9, 5.10. Can be wrong on Zones. Script ./

#!/bin/sh mem_free=`vmstat 1 […]