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Perl Tips

Useful One-Line Scripts for Perl Dec 03 2013 | version 1.10 ——————————– ———– ———— Compiled by Peteris Krumins (, @pkrumins on Twitter) — good coders code, great reuse Latest version of this file is always at: This file is also available in other languages: Chinese: Please email me if you wish […]

Get the java info perl

#!/usr/bin/perl # Fast script to grab jstack / jinfo and jmap of processes running on server. # ### Update paths here for java_base. $java_base=’/usr/java/bin’; $jstack=’jstack’; $jinfo=’jinfo’; $jmap=’jmap’; $script=$0; $runuser=`/usr/xpg4/bin/id -nu`; chomp($runuser); #$outdir=’/tmp’; ($min, $hour, $day, $month, $year) = (localtime)[1,2,3,4,5]; $year=$year+1900; if ( $month < 10 ) { $month=”0$month”; } if ( $day < 10 ) […]

Perl Programming ( perl 5 )



Perl is a script language, which is compiled each time before running. That unix knows that it is a perl script there must be the following header at the topline of every perl script: #!/usr/bin/perl where the path to perl has to be correct and the line must not exeed 32 charachters. Comments […]