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Piranha LVS

load balanced and redundant solution for a squid proxy server. My primary goals were simplicity and redundancy. I started with a stand-alone squid proxy server (CentOS 6, squid, NTLM authentication). Alone, this works great for an AD environment; single sign-on authentication so no password prompt, integrates with AD groups for various access levels, auto-proxy config […]

Load balancing method

Loadbalancer    terminology

Acronym Terminology

Load Balancer An IP based traffic manager for clusters

VIP : The Virtual IP address that a cluster is contactable on (Virtual Server) RIP : The Real IP address of a back-end server in the cluster (Real Server) GW : The Default […]

Balancing Traffic Across Data Centres Using LVS

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Pound Loadbalancer

Pound Loadbalancer

Pound is a bit more specific to HTTP/Web scenarios. It functions as a 100% Layer-7 load balancer as it does full HTTP(S) integration and has full access to the HTTP stack. What this means is that you can do some fancy routing based on cookies, url regex, and do this with SSL termination. […]



HAProxy Software Load Balancer

HAProxy is a bit more bare metal as it targets a very specific set of scenarios focused on TCPIP more than HTTP. You can use cookie based injection with HAProxy to do round robin and stick users to a specific server. However, you can not do this […]