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CentOS 7.3 compile and install Nginx 1.12.2

CentOS 7.3 compile and install Nginx 1.12.2

1. Introduction to Nginx Nginx (pronounced [engine x]) was developed for performance optimization. Its best known advantages are its stability and low system resource consumption, as well as high processing power for concurrent connections (single physical server available) Supporting 30,000 to 50,000 concurrent connections), is a high-performance HTTP […]

CentOS 7 deploys rsync backup server

1.1 rsync (official address http://wwww.samba.org/ftp/rsync/rsync.html)

A remote data synchronization tool that quickly synchronizes files between multiple hosts over a LAN/WAN. Rsync uses the so-called “rsync algorithm” to synchronize files between two local and remote hosts. This algorithm only transfers different parts of two files, rather than transmitting them all at once, so the speed is […]

MySQL master-slave and proxy server

MySQL master-slave principle and process


MySQL Replication is an asynchronous replication process (mysql5.1.7 or later is divided into asynchronous replication and semi-synchronous modes), copied from a Mysql instace (we call it Master) to another Mysql instance (we call it Slave) . Implementation of the Master and Slave The entire replication process is mainly done […]

AWS How to Copy EBS Volumes to Different Account

It is common for an organization to have multiple AWS accounts, In my opinion, it’s a best practice to have different accounts for DEV, QA, and PROD environments. One of the reasons, just in case of any security compromise your other accounts would be unaffected.

Managing multiple accounts could be a challenge as well. Recently, […]

How to Fix Redis CLI Error Connection Reset by Peer


Recently we faced an issue with an AWS ElastiCache Redis instance when trying to test the connections from EC2 Instance using Redis CLI, we faced the following error

$ ./redis-cli -c -h my-redis-server -p 6379 my-redis-server:6379> set a “hello” Error: Connection reset by peer




On investigation, we found that the ElastiCache […]

Elasticsearch cluster deployment under CentOS7.3


The bottom layer of Elastic is the open source library Lucene. However, you can’t use Lucene directly, you have to write your own code to call its interface. Elastic is a package of Lucene that provides an operational interface to the REST API, out of the box. The bottom layer of Elastic is the […]

apache redirect

Create your own short links with the mod_rewrite feature of the Apache HTTP server.

A long time ago, people started sharing links on Twitter. The 140-character limit means that the URL may consume most (or all) of a tweet, so people use URLs to shorten the service. In the end, Twitter added a built-in URL […]

GC Details

Third, the option parameters explain 1, heap size settings 1 -Xmx3550m -Xms3550m -Xmn2g -Xss128k

-Xmx 3550m: Set the maximum available memory of the JVM to 3550M.

-Xms 3550m: Set the JVM initial memory to 3550m. This value can be set to be the same as -Xmx to avoid the JVM reallocating memory after each garbage […]

COPY and ADD commands in Dockerfile

COPY and ADD commands in Dockerfile

Two very similar commands COPY and ADD are provided in the Dockerfile. This article attempts to explain the basic functions of these two commands, as well as their similarities and differences, and then summarize their respective suitable application scenarios.

Build context concept When you create a mirror from a […]

Docker to build a Tomcat runtime environment

1 Prepare the host system

Prepare a CentOS 7 operating system with the following specific requirements:

Must be a 64-bit operating system. The kernel is above 3.8 to view your CentOS kernel with the following command:

# uname -r

2 Install Docker

# yum install docker Use the following command to see if Docker is […]