git cmd

git pull # will get you repo updates git add . # will add files in your dir git add [dirname]/* # will add files under a new dir git commit -m “your comment“ # will commit your code to your changes git push # will push your code to a reposatory git pull # […]

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Git Fundamentals

Git Fundamentals   Topics To be Covered Installation 2. Setup 3. Creating a Project 4. Checking the status of the repository 5. Making changes 6. Staging the changes 7. Staging and committing 8. Commiting the changes 9. Changes, not files 10. History 11. Aliases 12. Getting older versions 13. Tagging versions 14. Discarding local changes […]

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How Remove Files completely from git repository history

It is straight forward to remove a file from the current commit or HEAD but if you want remove entirely from the repository’s history then you need to run couple of commands. It took some trial and error for me to find something that worked for me Find out the path fo the file in […]

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