# run these commands on a Centos 7 server as root
yum install -y pcp pcp-webapi pcp-system-tools
chkconfig pmcd on
service pmcd start
chkconfig pmlogger on
service pmlogger start
chkconfig pmwebd on
service pmwebd start
# open port 44323 in the firewall
# To start vector on your laptop
docker run -d –name vector -p 80:80 netflixoss/vector:latest

open http://localhost


Performance Co-Pilot (PCP) on my RHEL server to capture performance logs


RHEL 7 (prior to RHEL 7.4)

PCP is included in the base RHEL and Fedora distributions. A minimal installation requires just the pcp package (and its dependencies) to enable performance data logs to be collected for later analysis:

yum install pcp
systemctl enable pmcd
systemctl enable pmlogger
systemctl start pmcd
systemctl start pmlogger





At the moment Vector comes with the following list of widgets and dashboards that can be easily extended. Here is a short list of metrics available by default.


  • Load Average
  • Runnable
  • CPU Utilization
  • Per-CPU Utilization
  • Context Switches


  • Memory Utilization
  • Page Faults


  • Disk IOPS
  • Disk Throughput
  • Disk Utilization
  • Disk Latency


  • Network Drops
  • TCP Retransmits
  • TCP Connections
  • Network Throughput
  • Network Packets

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