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May 2019
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Short Cuts

2012 SERVER (64)
2016 windows (9)
AIX (13)
Amazon (34)
Ansibile (19)
Apache (133)
Asterisk (2)
cassandra (2)
Centos (209)
Centos RHEL 7 (264)
chef (3)
cloud (2)
cluster (3)
Coherence (1)
DB2 (5)
DISK (25)
DNS (9)
Docker (30)
Eassy (11)
ELKS (1)
Fedora (6)
ftp (5)
GIT (3)
GOD (2)
Grub (1)
Hacking (10)
Hadoop (6)
horoscope (23)
Hyper-V (10)
IIS (15)
JAVA (7)
JBOSS (32)
jenkins (1)
Kubernetes (3)
Ldap (5)
Linux (188)
Linux Commands (166)
Load balancer (5)
mariadb (14)
Mongodb (4)
MQ Server (24)
MYSQL (84)
Nagios (5)
NaturalOil (13)
Nginx (32)
Ngix (1)
openldap (1)
Openstack (6)
Oracle (34)
Perl (3)
Postfix (19)
Postgresql (1)
PowerShell (2)
Python (3)
qmail (36)
Redis (12)
RHCE (28)
Security on Centos (29)
SFTP (1)
Shell (64)
Solaris (58)
Sql Server 2012 (4)
squid (3)
SSH (10)
SSL (14)
Storage (1)
swap (3)
TIPS on Linux (28)
tomcat (61)
Uncategorized (29)
Veritas (2)
vfabric (1)
VMware (28)
Weblogic (38)
Websphere (71)
Windows (19)
Windows Software (2)
wordpress (1)

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Install vfabric-web-server & TcServer

mkdir tcserver
cd tcserver/
wget -q -O – | sh

yum search vfabric

[root@cluster1 vfabric-web-server]# yum search vfabric
Loaded plugins: fastestmirror, refresh-packagekit, security
Loading mirror speeds from cached hostfile
* base:
* extras:
* updates:
========================================================= N/S Matched: vfabric =========================================================
vfabric-5.2-repo.noarch : vFabric 5.2 repository configuration
vfabric-administration-server.noarch : VMware vFabric Administration Server
vfabric-agent.x86_64 : VMware vFabric Agent
vfabric-gemfire.noarch : VMware vFabric GemFire
vfabric-hyperic-agent.noarch : VMware vFabric Hyperic Agent
vfabric-hyperic-server.x86_64 : VMware vFabric Hyperic Server
vfabric-insight-agent.noarch : com.springsource.insight.dist.vfabric:agent-rpm
vfabric-insight-dashboard.noarch : com.springsource.insight.dist.vfabric:dashboard-rpm
vfabric-sqlfire.noarch : VMware vFabric SQLFire
vfabric-tc-server-standard.noarch : VMware vFabric tc Server Standard
vfabric-web-server.x86_64 : VMware vFabric Web Server
vfabric-web-server-debuginfo.x86_64 : VMware vFabric Web Server Debugging Symbols
vfabric-web-server-devel.x86_64 : VMware vFabric Web Server Libraries and Headers
vfabric-rabbitmq-java-client-bin.noarch : The RabbitMQ Java Client Library
vfabric-rabbitmq-server.x86_64 : The RabbitMQ server

Name and summary matches only, use “search all” for everything.

yum install vfabric-tc-server-standard.noarch   vfabric-web-server.x86_64  vfabric-web-server-debuginfo.x86_64 vfabric-web-server-devel.x86_64

cd /opt/vmware/

[root@cluster1 vmware]# ls
vfabric-tc-server-standard  vfabric-web-server
[root@cluster1 vmware]# ls -la
total 16
drwxr-xr-x. 4 root root    4096 Jun 23 15:59 .
drwxr-xr-x. 4 root root    4096 Jun 23 15:59 ..
drwxr-xr-x. 8 root vfabric 4096 Jun 23 19:44 vfabric-tc-server-standard
drwxr-xr-x. 4 root root    4096 Jun 23 15:59 vfabric-web-server
Lets create a tcserver instance

cd vfabric-tc-server-standard/
./ create -i /usr/tcserver/ –version 7.0.50.C.RELEASE –java-home /usr/java/jdk1.7.0_17/ –interactive  app1
./ create -i /usr/tcserver/ –version 7.0.50.C.RELEASE –java-home /usr/java/jdk1.7.0_17/ –interactive  app2

Lets create a webserver instance
mkdir /usr/webserver

[root@cluster1 vfabric-web-server]# ./newserver  –rootdir=/opt/vmware/vfabric-web-server – –serverdir=/usr/webserver/rmohan –mpm=worker    –httpdver= script – deploy a new httpd server instance
Copyright (c) 2012 VMware, Inc.  All rights reserved.
Enable SSL and create a default key [y/n]? y
Server hostname (e.g. []?
Administrator email []?
Port for http:// traffic        [80]?
Port for https:// traffic       [443]?
Created vfhttpd system group

Created vfhttpd system user account
Creating new server instance /usr/webserver/rmohan
from the /opt/vmware/vfabric-web-server/httpd-
template instance tree

Size of SSL RSA key, in bits [2048]?
Generating RSA private key, 2048 bit long modulus
e is 65537 (0x10001)

Created /usr/webserver/rmohan/ssl/

Choose a passphrase to encrypt the .pem backup copy of this key
writing RSA key
Enter PEM pass phrase:
Verifying – Enter PEM pass phrase:

Fill in information for this certificate.
(The Common Name (CN) below MUST match ServerName!):

You are about to be asked to enter information that will be incorporated
into your certificate request.
What you are about to enter is what is called a Distinguished Name or a DN.
There are quite a few fields but you can leave some blank
For some fields there will be a default value,
If you enter ‘.’, the field will be left blank.
Country Name (2 letter code) [AU]:SG
State or Province Name (full name) [Some-State]:SG
Locality Name (eg, city) []:SG
Organization Name (eg, company) [Internet Widgits Pty Ltd]
Organizational Unit Name (eg, section) []:IT
Common (Server) Name (eg, []
Email Address []

Please enter the following ‘extra’ attributes
to be sent with your certificate request
A challenge password []:
An optional company name []:
Signature ok
Getting Private key

SSL files generated as /usr/webserver/rmohan/ssl/*
.key – unencryped private key (perm 0600 for security).
.pem – des3 encrypted private key – back up this file!
.csr – certificate signing request – submit this to the CA.
.crt – self-signed certificate, replace with cert signed by the CA.
Be certain to record the passphrase to decrypt the .pem file.
Never transmit the .key file or cause it to be readable by others!

New server instance created in

Modify /usr/webserver/rmohan/conf/httpd.conf
and /usr/webserver/rmohan/bin/httpdctl
to make additional adjustments.

[root@cluster1 vfabric-web-server]#



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