Starting with RHEL 6 ( and thus also with CentOS 6 ) Red Hat users have possibility to use tuned tool which gives possibility to activate different tuned profiles for RHEL 6 running server.

So what is tuned? ‘yum info tuned’ gives below

# yum info tuned

Description : The tuned package contains a daemon that tunes system settings
: dynamically. It does so by monitoring the usage of several system
: components periodically. Based on that information components will
: then be put into lower or higher power saving modes to adapt to
: the current usage. Currently only ethernet network and ATA
: harddisk devices are implemented.

As description above says,tuned provide daemon to tune system settings dynamically.After installation with

# yum install tuned

in /etc/tune-profiles you will find 9 different profiles designed for different situations.These profiles are


Above default profiles are self descriptive,and if you want to use some of these on your server,I think interesting ones would be


enterprise-storage will configure system parameters which will correspond enterprise class storages – important to mention,it will disable barriers,so not recommended to use it when storage systems do not have battery which prevent data loss in case of power failure

latency-performance is profile designed to provide minimum ( network stack) latency for server.I will edit and adapt parameters related to tpc/udp in /proc/net,do not expect some great magic to happen when switching from default configuration to latency-performance profile

server-powersave is designed with power saving in mind,and in my opinion directed to desktops,not sure why name of profile is server-powersave

throughput-performance will do almost same thing as enterprise-storage but will leave enabled barriers. Recommended is to use it when storage solution is not equipped with battery which prevents data protection in case of power failure

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