CentOS 7.3 compile and install Nginx 1.12.2

CentOS 7.3 compile and install Nginx 1.12.2 1. Introduction to Nginx Nginx (pronounced [engine x]) was developed for performance optimization. Its best known advantages are its stability and low system resource consumption, as well as high processing power for concurrent connections (single physical server available) Supporting 30,000 to 50,000 concurrent connections), is a high-performance HTTP […]

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CentOS 7 deploys rsync backup server

1.1 rsync (official address http://wwww.samba.org/ftp/rsync/rsync.html) A remote data synchronization tool that quickly synchronizes files between multiple hosts over a LAN/WAN. Rsync uses the so-called “rsync algorithm” to synchronize files between two local and remote hosts. This algorithm only transfers different parts of two files, rather than transmitting them all at once, so the speed is […]

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MySQL master-slave and proxy server

MySQL master-slave principle and process principle MySQL Replication is an asynchronous replication process (mysql5.1.7 or later is divided into asynchronous replication and semi-synchronous modes), copied from a Mysql instace (we call it Master) to another Mysql instance (we call it Slave) . Implementation of the Master and Slave The entire replication process is mainly done […]

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