OS Tunining

CentOS and RHEL Performance Tuning Utilities and Daemons Tuned and Ktune Tuned is a daemon that can monitors and collects data on the system load and activity, by default tuned won’t dynamically change settings, however you can modify how the tuned daemon behaves and allow it to dynamically adjust settings on the fly based on […]

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Performance Tuning in centos7

Performance Tuning in centos7 Tuned In RedHat (and thus CentOS) 7.0, a daemon called “tuned” was introduced as a unified system for applying tunings to Linux. tuned operates with simple, file-based tuning “profiles” and provides an admin command-line interface named “tuned-adm” for applying, listing and even recommending tuned profiles. Some operational benefits of tuned: File-based configuration – […]

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