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Openstack log files

OpenStack log files contains different structures and distributed across multiple folders which make a real challenge to provide real proactive insights on your deployment. Loom Cloud Intelligence can simply save your time and make sense of your Openstack deployment on going issues. Most services use the convention of writing their log files to subdirectories of […]

OpenStack Cheat Sheet 2017

OpenStack different services have very powerful command line interfaces, with lots of different options.

Here is quick reference of the most used command-line commands:


You will probably want to know what is the name of your openstack deployment? Aka Queens, Pines, Ocata, Newton but also to Mitaka, Liberty, Kilo & Juno. Which OpenStack […]


expect,sshpass,pash rpm -qa expect

yum install expect -y

useradd mohan

echo 123456|passwd –stdin mohan

su – mohan

ssh-keygen -t dsa -P ” -f ~/.ssh/id_dsa >/dev/null 2>&1

yum install lrzsz -y

cat mohan_sshkey.exp #!/usr/bin/expect if { $argc !=2 } { send_user “usage: expect mohan_sshkey.exp file host\n” exit } […]

oracle backup

#!/bin/bash version1.0 chmod 700 #00 00 * * * /usr/local/scripts/ #chmod 700 /usr/local/scripts/ #You must first import the environment variables in the Oracle user’s bash_profile file #Must be used to define the DBA account first dpdata1 path and authorized directory to read and write, modify the dpdata1 group

export ORACLE_BASE=/usr/local/u01/oracle export ORACLE_HOME=/usr/local/u01/oracle/product/11.2.0/dbhome_1 export ORACLE_SID=oracle11 […]


What is Kubernetes? Kubernetes is a Google open source container cluster management system, based on Docker build containers, the use of Kubernetes can manage a number of Docker host in the container. The main functions are as follows: 1) abstracts multiple Docker hosts into one resource to manage containers in a clustered manner, including task […]

redis 3

CentOS Redis 3 and 6.8 installed on the startup script, strong Redis is not to say, and directly see the following article explain.

Step 1: Download, compile and install

cd /opt wget

tar zxvf redis-3.2.5.tar.gz

cd redis-3.2.5

yum install -y gcc* yum install -y tcl make MALLOC=libc make make test

cd deps make […]


Centos 6.8

cd /opt wget tar zxvf redis-3.0.5.tar.gz cd redis-3.0.5 make && make install

mkdir /etc/redis mkdir /var/log/redis mkdir -p /data/redis cd /opt/redis-3.0.5 cp redis.conf /etc/redis/7963.conf vi /etc/redis/7963.conf

daemonize no port 6379 logfile “” pidfile /var/run/ # requirepass foobared dir ./ ?? daemonize yes port 7963 logfile “/var/log/redis/7963.log” pidfile /var/run/ requirepass 9k3NgZq%gO!W7x-0y=LI dir […]


wget rpm -ivh mysql-community-release-el7-5.noarch.rpm yum update yum install mysql-server

systemctl start mysqld

[root@clusterserver1 ~]# systemctl start mysqld [root@clusterserver1 ~]# systemctl enable mysqld [root@clusterserver1 ~]# systemctl status mysqld

[root@clusterserver1 ~]# mysql_secure_installation


In order to […]

docker cmd

Basic Instructions

Download the image file

$ docker pull image_name

Activate or deactivate the container $ docker [start|stop] container_name

Download the image file

$ docker pull image_name

Activate or deactivate the container

$ docker [start|stop] container_name Build -> Start -> Execute command ( -ti parameter)

$ docker run -ti –name container_name image_name command Build -> […]

CentOS 7 Change Network Interface Name From Eno* To Eth0

CentOS 7 Change Network Interface Name From Eno* To Eth0

After you installed CentOS 7.0 or RHEL 7.0 system, you maybe notice that the default name of network interface was changed from “Eth*” to “Eno*”. How do I change network interface name to “Eth0? in CentOS 7.0? This post will show you the ways to […]

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