Swap on CentOS 7

we begin, we should take a look at our server’s storage to see if we already have some swap space available. While we can have multiple swap files or swap partitions, one should generally be enough. We can see if the system has any configured swap by using swapon, a general-purpose swap utility. With the […]

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add grub password on centos 7 Rhel 7 and Fedora oracle linux

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7/CentOS 7 system that requires manual entry of a bootloader password in order to boot any future kernels Adding users and custom menuentry …. –user SOMEUSER  directives to /etc/grub.d/40_custom as  per the the RHEL7 System Administrator’s Guide is great, but how can you configure grub so that ALL existing & future […]

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Reset Your Forgotten Root Password On CentOS 7

Reset Your Forgotten Root Password On CentOS 7 To get started, turn on the machine that you’ve forgotten the root password on. For CentOS 7 devices, you’ll be given 5 seconds at the boot menu to select the operating system kernel to boot into. That 5 seconds is important, because allows for  admins to select […]

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