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History is a relentless master. It has no present, only the past rushing into the future. To try to hold fast is to be swept aside.
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November 2014
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2012 SERVER (64)
2016 windows (9)
AIX (13)
Amazon (40)
Ansibile (19)
Apache (135)
Asterisk (2)
cassandra (2)
Centos (211)
Centos RHEL 7 (270)
centos8 (3)
chef (3)
cloud (2)
cluster (3)
Coherence (1)
DB2 (5)
DISK (25)
DNS (9)
Docker (30)
Eassy (11)
ELKS (1)
Fedora (6)
ftp (5)
GIT (3)
GOD (2)
Grub (1)
Hacking (10)
Hadoop (6)
health (2)
horoscope (23)
Hyper-V (10)
IIS (15)
JAVA (7)
JBOSS (32)
jenkins (1)
Kubernetes (7)
Ldap (5)
Linux (188)
Linux Commands (166)
Load balancer (5)
mariadb (14)
Mongodb (4)
MQ Server (24)
MYSQL (84)
Nagios (5)
NaturalOil (13)
Nginx (35)
Ngix (1)
openldap (1)
Openstack (6)
Oracle (35)
Perl (3)
Postfix (19)
Postgresql (1)
PowerShell (2)
Python (3)
qmail (36)
Redis (12)
RHCE (28)
Security on Centos (29)
SFTP (1)
Shell (64)
Solaris (58)
Sql Server 2012 (4)
squid (3)
SSH (10)
SSL (14)
Storage (1)
swap (3)
TIPS on Linux (28)
tomcat (62)
Ubuntu (1)
Uncategorized (30)
Veritas (2)
vfabric (1)
VMware (28)
Weblogic (38)
Websphere (71)
Windows (19)
Windows Software (2)
wordpress (1)

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MBR is the standard partitioning scheme that’s been used on hard disks since the PC first came out. It supports 4 primary partitions per hard drive, and a maximum partition size of 2TB.

GPT disks are new, and are readable only by Windows Server 2003 SP1, Windows Vista (all versions), and Windows XP x64 Edition. […]


unknow processes dsfref, gfhddsfew, dsfref etc are starting automatically in centos 6.5

Virus mainly present in /etc/init.d/. Virus will run automatic on the time system start, so remove entry from /etc/init.d. These are virus and its locations




To Remove Virus from linux

Note: I used chattr -i to change permissions and deleted […]

Centos 7 SYSTEMCTL && Run level && hostname

Centos 7 SYSTEMCTL && Run level && hostname

Centos 7 SYSTEMCTL && Run level && hostname

systemctl start httpd.service (service httpd start)

systemctl stop httpd.service ( service httpd stop)

systemctl restart httpd.service ( service httpd stop)

systemctl status httpd.service ( service httpd status)

systemctl enable httpd.service (chkconfig httpd on)

systemctl disable httpd.service (chkconfig httpd […]

Centos 7 Samba

Centos 7 Samba

FILEDOC /samba/docs LEARDOCS /samba/tech

rpm -qi samba

mkdir -p /samba/docs mkdir -p /samba/tech

ulimit -n 16384

vi /etc/security/limits.conf * – nofile 16384

cd /etc/samba/

cp smb.conf smb.conf.origin

[global] workgroup=FILESERVER netbios name=SERVER1 server string=Samba Server #security=share security=user map to guest = Bad User [SHAREDOCS] path=/samba/tech readonly=yes browseable=yes guest ok=yes [TECHDOCS] path =/samba/tech public […]

Centos7 Apache HTTP SERVER

Centos7 Apache HTTP SERVER

yum -y install httpd

rpm -qi httpd

systemctl enable httpd.service

ln -s ‘/usr/lib/systemd/system/httpd.service’ ‘/etc/systemd/system/’

chkconfig httpd on

systemctl enable httpd

mkdir /wwwroot/www echo “” > /wwwroot/www/index.html

mkdir /wwwroot/crm echo “” > /wwwroot/crm/index.html

cd /etc/httpd/ mkdir vhost-conf.d echo “Include vhost-conf.d/*.conf” >> conf/httpd.conf

ServerName DocumentRoot /wwwroot/www/ Requireall granted


LDAP repository in Websphere Application Server 7

his is to record the steps i used to switch LDAP repository in Websphere Application Server 7 and enabled LDAP over SSL.

Lets Start

Point your browser to the WAS console and login using admin account.

Add in the new LDAP server configurations

As i use a few repositories in my environment, i would be […]

Allowing longer web session going through Apache to Websphere Application Server

Had a tough one last month when migrating the system to WAS. I’m still new to WAS, hit a few problems and take this chance to document down so that this form my reference and hopefully it help you too.

Users has been complaining that the web service keep getting time out, returning a 500 […]

Resolving ADMR0104E for Application Server

This write up serve to record the resolution for the ADMR0104E error encountered by Websphere Application server during start up. The Application Server eventually is unable to start up.

From “SystemOut.log”, we see that the system is unable to read some properties file.

[6/27/12 12:08:35:103 SGT] 00000000 FileDocument E ADMR0104E: The system is unable to […]

Recover websphere password

Google online and found this interesting step to recover websphere 7.1 password.

For encrypting the password we have,

//java/bin/java -Djava.ext.dirs=//deploytool/itp/plugins/ -cp securityimpl.jar:iwsorb.jar secret

The output is

decoded password == “secret”, encoded password == “{xor}LDo8LTor”

Hence, you can use the same method to decrypt the encrypted password.

//java/bin/java -Djava.ext.dirs=//deploytool/itp/plugins/ -cp securityimpl.jar:iwsorb.jar {xor}LDo8LTor

The output […]

Encrypting the ID and Password for Websphere Application Server

By default, you need to supply the ID and password when starting up/shutting down the deployment manager, node or application server. Example of the command as below

Deployment Manager //bin/ -username XXX -password XXX

Node //bin/ -username XXX -password XXX

Application Server //bin/ -username XXX -password XXX

The steps to encrypt the password and ID […]