how to treat a Linux hacked server

This guide is not a step by step tutorial on how to clean a compromised server, rather it is a reference to illustrate what tools are available for performing an analysis of the compromise. The goal of this guide is to show you what information is available to help you determine: Point of entry The […]

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Disk Performance iostat

Use iostat to get the performance data # iostat -x Device: rrqm/s wrqm/s r/s w/s rsec/s wsec/s avgrq-sz avgqu-sz await svctm %util sda 0.48 2.76 1.90 0.92 56.44 29.40 30.53 0.01 4.48 2.46 0.69 Work out the queue length requests * average wait time / 1000 = queue length ((1.90+0.92) * 4.48) / 1000 = […]

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