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MQ messaging

This example is a simple demonstration for understanding how MQ transfer messages between two queue managers and the minimum required MQ components for the same. Kindly Share/Like/Follow the page if you like this article.

Below are the steps involved in this example.Source queue manager —————————— 1.) Create source queue manager. 2.) Start source queue manager. […]

AMQ7017 queue manager log not available or corrupted

Problem Your queue manager fails to start with the following error :

AMQ7017 Log not available Cause The qm.ini files had been altered and the LogPath entries were removed.

After making the change to qm.ini LogPath, the queue manager failed to start because S0000001.log was not available. The log file was present and the […]

DRBD setup on Centos 6.7

CentOS 6.7 DRBD installation and configuration notes

DRDB or Distributed Replicated Block Device is nice for HA situations of distributed block devices. This can be used for NAS, SAN, and a number of other use cases.


Primary: (cluster1.rmohan.com)

Secondary: (cluster2.rmohan.com) Requirements

– Two disks […]

Installation IBM MQ 7.5 ON RHEL 7 and 6

WebSphere MQ is an IBM messaging solution which enable applications to communicate each other asynchronously. Application A for example need not to be connected direct to application B to exchange information moreover application B need not to be running for the application A to communicate. Application A simply place the message in container called queue […]

How to Install MQ on Redhat Linux

How to Install MQ on Redhat Linux 1.1 User creationLogin as root to install mq

Create following user with group name of “mqm” which will be used to run MQ groupadd mqm # add group mqm (purpose of gropuadd is to create  a new group account) useradd -g mqm mqm # add user mqm to group mqm […]

Start/Stop/Delete a Queue Manager

Start/Stop/Delete a Queue Manager

Starting a Queue Manager

Before we can use a Queue Manager, we need to start it, using the STRMQM command. The command to start a Queue Manager called QMA is:

$ strmqm QMA

You should see output similar to the following on your screen:

WebSphere MQ queue manager ‘QMA’ starting.

2108 log records accessed on […]

IBM Websphere MQ TIPS

IBM Websphere MQ TIPS It is still in progress. Please wait for update

websphere family.


Features of MQ:

1) message delivery 2) Asynchronus messaging 3) Time dependent 4) Integrity 5) Support

Plat form independent

we can send messages from one os to other os.

A ——– B solaris   windows TCP/IP    SPNX

we […]

MQ QUICK Reference Command and Documement

Download (PDF, 393KB)

Download (PDF, 203KB)

Download (PDF, 240KB)

Download (PDF, 301KB)

Download (PDF, 306KB)

Download (PDF, 215KB)

Download (PDF, 291KB)

Download (PDF, 281KB)

Download (PDF, 373KB)

Download (PDF, 432KB)

Download (PDF, 514KB)

Download (PDF, 426KB)

Download (PDF, 409KB)

Download (PDF, 431KB)

Websphere MQ v6 Tutorial

MQ Series/MQ: – It is an IBM web sphere product which is evolved in 1990’s. MQ series does transportation from one point to other. It is an EAI tool (Middleware). WebSphere MQ.

VERSIONS:-5.0, 5.1, 5.3, 6.0, 7.0(new version). Currently widely used version is 6.2 Note: – MQ series supports more than 35+ operating systems. […]

Websphere MQ Quick reference

// =c&&(b[k].srt=h-c)}if(a){var e=b[k].load;0=c&&(e[g](“_wtsrt”,void 0,c),e[g](“wtsrt_”,”_wtsrt”,h),e[g](“tbsd_”,”wtsrt_”))}try{a=null, b[f]&&b[f].csi&&(a=Math.floor(b[f].csi().pageT),e&&0 websphere-infra: Webspere MQ All// //

MQSC: indicates a runmqsc command, which can be executed while in runmqsc [QmgrName] or as one line command using: echo command runmqsc [QmgrName] on Unix platforms add double quotes: echo “command” runmqsc [QmgrName] MQ Display commands

MQ start-Stop commands

MQ status verification commands