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Tomcat catalina.out Rotate

tail -f catalina.out becomes 2GB in size, tomcat crashes and fails to start without any error message. To avoid this scenario you should rotate catalina.out frequently. This article describes how to setup auto rotation of catalina.out on a linux/unix machine.

How to automatically rotate catalina.out daily or when it becomes bigger than 5M

1. Create […]

password protected directory in tomcat

How to protect a web directory with a password? if we are using Apache, we can do it easily with .htaccess. It will prompt user for credentials while entering the directory. But how to protect a directory with password in tomcat web server? In this post we will discuss how to do it with tomcat Realms. This example […]

Configuring multiple domains or sub-domains in tomcat

We all know how to create multiple domains in Apache. By adding virtual host etries. But how to configure multiple domains in tomcat? We can do this by adding multiple Host tags in server.xml. Its very simple. See the example below. Edit server.xml under conf directory. Suppose you want to setup three domains domain1.com, domain2.com and […]

Securing Tomcat with Apache Web Server mod_proxy

Securing Tomcat with Apache Web Server mod_proxy  

I wanted to enable SSL encryption to allow secure channels (https) to our tomcat server. There were 2 obvious ways to do this:

Secure Tomcat directly Secure an Apache web server front-end that controls access to tomcat

Secure Tomcat directly

Securing tomcat directly is fairly straight-forward and […]

Apache Tomcat 7


1.  Introduction1.1  Web Application (Webapp)1.2  Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP)1.3  Apache Tomcat HTTP Server2.  How to Install Tomcat 7 and Get Started with Java Servlet Programming2.1  STEP 0: Read the Tomcat Documentation2.2  STEP 1: Download and Install Tomcat2.3  STEP 2: Create an Environment Variable JAVA_HOME2.4  STEP 3: Configure Tomcat Server2.5  STEP 4: Start Tomcat Server2.6  STEP 5: Develop and Deploy a WebApp2.7  STEP 6: […]

Three Tomcat memory overflow solution

Tomcat memory overflow reasons

Bad tomcat memory settings in a production environment is prone to memory overflow. Cause memory overflow is not the same, of course, not the same approach.Here is a summary of the usually encountered and related information. The common general there will be the following three conditions:1.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space2.OutOfMemoryError: PermGen space3.OutOfMemoryError: […]

How to setup a load balanced Tomcat cluster using the Apache TomcatConnector – AJP

Two weeks ago, I tested a Barracuda Load Balancer Model 340.

I liked it a lot, all features I needed, quick and easy deployment and administration. No competition for a Citrix VPX 1000 or similar, but it would for sure fulfill all my requirements.

Nevertheless I wanted see if it is possible to save some […]

Apache server load balancing with Multiple Tomcat Clustering- :

Load Balancing -: Load balancer accept request from external client and forward them to one of the available Backend servers according to a scheduling algorithm. We can use dedicated hardware and any load balancing software for load balancing Mod_proxy_balancer- : Apache web server’s module of mod_proxy_balancer the apache module developed to provide to load balancing […]

Tomcat clustering and failover


In this post I will describe how to implement a functional Tomcat cluster with load balancing and failover

I did a great deal of research trying to get this environment working. There are a number of good tutorials for simple Tomcat clustering and load balancing. I was unable to find an example that was […]

Implement a Dynamic Tomcat Cluster with Mod_Cluster

Apache Tomcat, the open source Web application server, hosts an estimated 70 percent of small Java Web applications. However Tomcat can become overburdened when faced with spikes in user requests. One way to ensure that your Tomcat servers are utilized to their maximum capacity is to connect and cluster them in a single environment and […]